Remission and Steady State Treatment

I have an annual colonoscopy and endoscopy. So I had the procedures completed about a year after my surgery to remove my ascending colon. This was around 18-20 months after my first symptoms. The results were positive in that the number of polyps in my colon were significantly reduced. There were fewer in my stomach but still many. The duodenum was worse. This is a pattern that occurred a couple of times.   Initially the colon was worse, then the stomach and then the small intestine. The remission followed this same pattern – with the colon the first area to go in to remission.

You can debate if my Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome has ever went in to remission – in that I have never been polyp free since the initial on-set. However, for 6-7 years I had no external symptoms and the number of polyps in my colon and stomach continued to be few. I always had a section in the duodenum with many polyps.

The number of polyps in my second annual set of procedures were significantly better in both my colon and stomach. For several years I had a few polyps in my colon that were often removed during the colonoscopy. This ranged from 3-4 to 10-12. A few times they were not removed but were documented and watched. They were always benign. Sometime around year four or five I actually did not have any polyps in my colon. Around 3-4 were identified in the prior colonoscopy. The doctor was amazed as this was the only time that she had ever seen polyps go away.  The number of polyps in my stomach at that time were minimal. At this time you might of considered me in remission as I was having no symptoms, no polyps in my colon, a few in my stomach and the duodenum had also improved.

During this time my treatment was unchanged. I was taking the three presciptions; sulindac, rantidine and loratadine. Vitamins B12 and D along with a general vitamin. I had annually both a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Generally there were a few polyps – but not many.

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