It’s Back

In the fall of 2015 I had my annual colonoscopy/endoscopy.  For the prior 2-3 years I had either no or few polyps in my colon, a few in my stomach and many in the duodenum. Over the last year one symptom had reappeared.  My nails – while not dying – were no longer normal.  I had to cut them frequently or they would break or become ingrown.  The nails on my thumbs were a little thicker.  Before the procedures I told the doctor that unlike the previous years where I always thought there would be no polyps – I thought there would be more – based on my nails.  Unfortunately, I was right.

I had many polyps identified during my 2015 procedures.  In the colon in the range of 15, in the stomach there were to many to count.  There was also an increase in the duodenum.  It was not welcome news.

The doctors recommendation was to treat the new polyps aggressively with additional medications.  Two new prescriptions were added; Lialda (mesalamine) and mercaptopurine.  My perception is these drugs have the potential for higher side affects or consequences for the medications I have been taking for a long time – NSAID, Zantac and Claratin – are taken for years by many individuals .

In the fall of 2016 my annual colonoscopy and endoscopy was performed.  There was a slight improvement in there were a few less polyps in the colon, the stomach and duodenum were about the same, with the duodenum having many polyps.

The primary external symptom continues to be my nails.  I do have mild bouts of diarrhea from time-to-time – generally 2-3 months apart. I have no other symptoms.

One thought on “It’s Back

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