I created this website to share my story and hopefully help others who have this disease or who have been misdiagnosed. Below is a general overview of the disease, but please visit my blog posts to learn more about my story and treatment.

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Cronkhite Canada Syndrome

Cronkhite Canada Syndrome is a rare gastrointestinal disease that is often misdiagnosed. There have been fewer than 500 cases diagnosed in the past 50 years with the average age of diagnosis at 59. This disease is most commonly found in Japan, but there have also been cases in the United States and other countries. This disease is not known to be genetic, but rather occurs sporadically. In some cases, it is thought to develop after a traumatic stress induced incident.


  • Loss of Hair
  • Loss of Taste
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Weight Loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin Bruises
  • Fingernail loss 
  • Widespread Colon Polyps 
  • Malabsorption
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Generalized Hyperpigmentation

Common Misdiagnosis:

  • Familial Polyposis
  • Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome
  • Gardner Syndrome
  • Turcot Syndrome
  • Lactose Intolerance