Does Trauma Play a Role in CCS

I have talked with two other individuals that also had or have Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome.  One person sold school buses and my sister managed a trade show for school principals and school boards.  Hundreds of suppliers to school systems participate in the show, from selling milk to selling buses.  This individual was at all of the shows my sister managed until a few years ago when he talked with my sister and said he could not attend for he had this strange illness with no known cause.  He started to describe his symptoms.  My sister told him her brother also had a similar strange illness.

To shorten the story he also had Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome and called me.  We talked several times.  About a year  before I started having the CCS symptoms – I had an accident and broke both legs close to my ankles (fibula and tibia in my left leg and the tibia in my right).  I had issues with my left leg healing correctly.  I had four surgeries over about a years time.

Bob, the bus salesman, had a bad motorcycle accident – I believe it was about 1-2 years before he started having CCS symptoms.  Likely a coincidence – but who knows.
I asked Ron, the other person that had Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome I talked with, if he had any trauma in his life.  The answer was no – the first time he had every been in a hospital was when he was admitted to perform TPN – to provide him nutrients for he had lost 90 pounds.

So with a sample of two I thought it was possible that trauma played a role. With a sample of three – likely not.

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